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If you haven’t tried Clover & Co. Fabrics printed lounge rib, I am here to tell you, you are missing out! It is  absolutely one of my favourite printed bases and the quality is second to none.

Clovers printed lounge rib is 95.4% cotton, making it incredibly soft to touch and 4.6% spandex giving it that very handy stretch to make it perfect for tees, body suits, Pjs, pants. You name it!

I thought I would recap a few of my favourite lounge rib makes here to show how gorgeous it is.

I made this Waves & Wild Pick n Mix Body Suit and lighting leggings (free pattern!) for a gift and it was so well received. It has fast become one of my go to’s when making new born gifts. Being a cotton rich base, its so soft and snuggly, perfect for those new born squishes skin, while also incredibly breathable, reducing the risk of over heating.

Pick n Mix Body Suit & Lightning Leggings
Tadah Baby Basics Tee

I love it for making tee’s for the kids. I think being a textured fabric it also gives garments that extra little something and can be good when pairing with either plain or printed base garments. The print in addition to the rib can really help it pop.

This Stripes Of Soliel print is so effective in the lounge rib. It’s one of my fave long sleeve tees of Teds, it has been in high rotation. I think I may need to make a summer version as well!

Paired with Waves & Wild Over it Alls

I also love that there is a very generous and usable 170cm width of fabric. Meaning I get a lot out of a metre which always helps when you can get more bang for your buck! It has a weight of 210gsm which I think is the prefect weight for year round wear, helping make it more economical. You can wear a tee on its on in the warmer months or layer in the winter. I made a Cardigan for me and I love that I can put long sleeve tee on in winter and it can keep me warm on top, or can throw it over lighter clothes in the summer in the evenings to keep me warm. Honestly, I just love it!

I think a very close favourite make of mine in lounge rib would have to be these pj/lounge pants. Honestly, I wear them ALL THE TIME. I have been known to do a school or childcare pick up in them and just hope people think I’m wearing super trendy lounge pants haha.

I wrote a more detailed blog about these lounge pants, definitely some of the comfiest I’ve ever made. Have a read here.

This was a pair of classic Zipper Pjs I made in printed lounge rib and I had a hard time giving these away, even though I don’t have a baby and won’t be having anymore again! haha. My ovaries exploded a little on this one. And again, such positive feedback from the mumma on how lovely a soft it was on bubbas skin 😍

So if you haven’t tried it before, I highly recommend giving it a go. It’s softer than cotton lycra in my opinion and just so luscious. I have been using the dryer a lot over winter and the prints are still so bright. Not something I have experienced with every supplier I have bought fabric from.

A very happy longe rib customer here, and I am sure you would be too, go check it out!