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It’s no real secret that I am a lover of Clover and Co. Fabrics. I was so honoured when Yondette asked me if I would sew up some strikes for her first ever official retail drop. The prints that were being released were next level, and the range of bases was incredible. It was so hard to pick just a few to promote.

Alas, I had to choose, so here are my sew’s and the details to go with them.

Midnight Soleil & Stripes of Soleil in Midnight:

I was a huge fan of the original release of this print, Seaside Soleil, so I jumped on the revamp straight away.

I ordered it in lounge rib as it is one of my fave bases to work with. I also love that lounge rib is a great base to sew with any time of year. It is just so beautiful to sew with.

One of my fave pdf pattern companies for kids is Tadah Patterns and I knew their Baby Basics range would be perfect. I made the Classic Tee from the Stripes of Soleil in Midnight and the Bloomers from the Midnight Soleil.

It has sold out in some of the bases but is available to pre order in any base you would like.

Pips and Rind:

A while ago I saw a pic using watermelon fabrics and I loved it. Not long after Yondette showed me the prints available for this round and I was SO excited to see the Pips and Rind as an option!

The Petite Stitchery & Co Skye Tee is one of my faves for colour blocking and this was perfect to incorporate the white and pink to build between the rind and pips. It is going to have a high rotation this summer I think!

Pips & Rind in Synthetic Leather:

The other thing I instantly thought of when I saw the pips and rind was a watermelon bag. I actually could not be happier with how this one turned out.

I’ve never been big into Dirty Dancing, but it has very big ‘I carried a Watermelon’ vibes. Check out the reel I made >>Here<<

If you’ve never made a bag before, I highly recommend it. It is so satisfying watching it come together and Clovers Synthetic Leather is like butter to sew with.