Pattern: Tidal Dress & Top
Designer: Love Notions
Fabrics: Cotton Lycra
Measurements: Bust: 44″; Waist 39″; Hips 48″
Size made: XL graded to 2XL
Adjustments: None
Pros: I love the panel at the front on this, its great to give the illusion of a trimmer front section, especially if you use a darker fabric for the back panels
Cons: I had some trouble with the grading and how it sat on my tummy. I think you need to be really careful when grading out given where the panel is.


The Wrap Up:

I recently helped retest the Love Notions Tidal top and while I loved all the length options, I felt that it would lend itself really well to tunic length, so here are my top tips on shortening any dress pattern to tunic length!

Decide on the length:
Tunic length is typically longer than shirt length, but shorter than dress, so usually sitting somewhere at the top to mid thigh. I took the above knee piece and cut across the piece about 6 inches up from the bottom of the dress pieces.

Once I had done that to the front, I loaded my back piece and sat the front piece I had already cut out on top of the back piece.

I made sure that I lined up my shoulder pieces so that I would know where to cut it along the bottom.

Once you’ve cut your front and back pieces, you can carry on with cutting the other pieces as normal and put it all together as per the instructions. If the pieces don’t line up exactly, don’t worry too much, you can even them out before you hem it.

I’m really happy with how the tunic length of this one turned out, as well as the normal shirt l made. The blocking on this one is so flattering, worth giving it a try for sure!