Pattern: Berkley Knot Top
Designer: Peek a Boo Pattern Shop
Fabrics: Bamboo Lycra
Measurements: Bust: 44″ Waist: 39″; Hips: 49″
Size made: 2XL
Adjustments: None
Pros: I love the built in knot option. It adds a fun feature.
Cons: No real cons, I had a little trouble with the top stitching on the knot, but it was user error, not the pattern


The Wrap Up:

I’ve had this pattern in my stash for a while but never got a chance to make it. But when my Sew Unique fabric subscription came this month (read more about the program here), I knew the shorts I wanted to make and that this top would be the perfect piece to complete it.

It was a really quick sew, the hardest bit was facing the tie pieces, but even that wasn’t too difficult. I did make a mistake when top stitching however. After I had very carefully coverstitched all the way around the edge, I realised I shouldn’t have coverstitched those bits as they are faced and therefore don’t need it.

I think the whole thing took me about 40 minutes to make, so a very quick and easy sew.

I do want to make a note about my fabric choice. This was my first time trying Sew Unique’s bamboo lycra and oh my goodness. It is SO soft and delicious to wear. I have felt other bamboo lycras and this by far my favourite. I have already planned a nightie with the black I have sitting there as well.

I paired this top with a pair of Iris shorts which are SO comfy and the fabric pairing for that one is next level. I can tell this combo is going to get a good workout!