Pattern: Caroline Shirt/Tunic – Tunic View (Patreon Exclusive)
Designer: Sonia Estep Designs
Fabrics: Main Fabric – Slub knit from Spotlight
Accent Fabric: Cotton Lycra from Fabric by Missy Rose
Measurements: Bust: 42.5″; Waist: 39.5″; Hips: 47.5″
Size made: 18 bust graded to 20 Hips
Adjustments: None other than the size grading
Pros: Nice relaxed style, good to colour block different fabrics. Inclusive size range.
Cons: I had some troubles with the instructions and order of steps in the instructions. Beginner sewists may have some challenges in the construction, but if you’re willing to give it a go, don’t be deterred!

The Wrap Up:

When I first saw this pattern, I thought it would make such a great winter staple. I love the low V with the option to make it lower or higher by the amount of buttons/snaps you have done up. I also liked the option to colour block, as I often enjoy mixing and matching different fabrics and colours.

I actually got the main fabric, the slub knit from the clearance table at Spotlight where it was marked down to $8pm, plus that week had a further 50% off clearance fabrics. I grabbed 4 metres and I’m glad I did. It is lovely and soft and I think will be good to wear as is during the fringe seasons, and layered in the winter months. The accent fabric is a 220gsm Cotton Lycra I’ve had in my stash for quite some time and I *think* I got it from Fabric by Missy Rose, but it could also have been Dizzy Daisy or Ella Jewel, but my heart say FBMR haha.

As usual I used my projector to cut the pieces and found they were easy to see however I did run the file through pdf stitcher to add 20inches around all the sides to give myself more room to manoeuvre the pieces around my cutting matt. Most of the pieces were ‘folded’, so if you like unfolded pieces, you’ll need to adjust that yourself.

When it came to the construction, most of it came together fairly easily though I had trouble with my placket. I actually ended up cutting a new front which was annoying to have to ditch the fabric, but hopefully I can repurpose for something for Miss J. I think my troubles were a combination of the fabric I chose and I personally didn’t like the way the placket was put together. Others may have less issues, but I just had a few problems hence needing to cut a second front. Luckily I was able to save the placket pieces and use them again on the new front piece.

So all in all a really lovely garment that I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of.


As this is a Patreon Exclusive pattern, you can only get access to it once you join their program. However, this is a no commitment program and you can literally sign up, download the pattern and cancel your subscription. I would recommend staying on for the month you pay for to get the benefits, but you are not locked into a set period. Click the link below for more information on Sonia Estep Designs as well as the Caroline Pattern