Pattern: Cutie Booty Boxer Briefs
Designer: Patterns for Pirates
Fabrics: Sew Unique Fabrics
Measurements: Waist 39″; Hips 48″
Size made: XXL
Adjustments: None
Pros: Making your own underwear is the best! I highly recommend it.
Cons: It can be confronting making underwear that fits, maybe you are ‘bigger’ than you think, but honestly, they are just numbers and having underwear that fits is SO worth it


The Wrap Up:

I know a lot of people wouldn’t be comfortable taking photos in their underwear, but you know what, I just don’t care anymore. We all have a body and most of us wear underwear everyday, so I’m doing a community service by reviewing these and showing you what they look like on a not so skinny body like most of the media like to portray 😉

Making your own underwear is definitely worth it in my opinion. They are so comfortable and means you get exactly what you want. It also means you don’t have to go to the shop, which is a bonus in my opinion! haha

The Cutie Booty’s are more of a boyleg style, which is something I like and have a number of options. I’ve tried both the exposed elastic and the knit waistband and I probably prefer the knit waistband for ease. My preference is also the high waist, short inseam, but there are several options to choose from.

I will say that making garments like undies can be a little confronting. When the fabric is laid flat, it can seem like BIG pieces for your derrière, but I promise if you look past that, the end result is beautiful undies that you wish you’d started making sooner.