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Pattern: Declan Pullover
Designer: Peek A Boo Pattern Shop
Fabrics: Print from Frankie Bear Fabric, Solid from Sew Unique Fabric
Measurements: Chest: 22″; Waist 21.5″; Hips 22″
Size made: 3T
Adjustments: None
Pros: Very cute Summer or winter style, love the collar
Cons: Plackets are a little tricky and I wouldn’t interface the collar next time


The Wrap Up:

This top was very much inspired by the fabric. I saw this on the Frankie Bear Fabrics website and I instantly could see Ted in a little collared shirt. It turned out exactly how I hoped!

I’ve had the Declan pullover in my pattern stash for a while but had’t got around to making it, so this was the first time. I’m not afraid of plackets, but I am definitely intimidated. I took my time with each step, which is very well written, but I still need a lot of practice. I think part of the trick is to get your initial stitching of the box right and making sure when you attach the placket pieces you stitch along the same lines, being very precise. The next important part is making sure you clip right into the corners without going too far or too short.

Like I said, I am not afraid of plackets but mine can definitely do with some practice. Being a knit garment there is the added challenge of it being stretchy and moving around a little. Baste where you can or use a double sided wash away tape to help keep things in place.

The second part I had a bit of trouble with was the collar. I put an interfacing on as directed but to be honest I wouldn’t bother next time. Having the interface made it difficult to stretch across the neckline and I ended up having it be a bit wonky. My next one I think would be fine without it. I would still interface the placket though, especially if you are going to do button holes.

All in all, very happy with this one and I can see myself making a couple more for Ted’s summer & Winter wardrobe.