Pattern: Kids Raglan Top
Designer: Ellie & Mac
Fabrics: Accent Fabric – Wattle Hill Fabrics
Measurements: Chest: 21″
Size made: 2T
Adjustments: None
Pros: Raglan style on kids look so trendy & a great unisex tee option. They are also so simple in construction.
Cons: None


The Wrap Up:

As the weather turns colder in Melbourne, I’ve started having to pull out the long sleeve tops. I was a little shocked to realise all the long sleeve tops I have for Mr T are 2 sizes too small. Whoops. Lucky he has a mum who can sew him up some winter ready gear in no time!

The Ellie and Mac kids raglan tee just happened to be on their weekly sale, which made it a great opportunity to grab it cheap and have it in my kids pattern stash. The fact it is unisex and can easily switch between the kids depending on your fabric choice just made it that much easier to decide to buy it.

I’d had the tan cotton lycra in my stash for a while. I loved the funky look of it the first time i saw it while browsing Wattle Hill Fabrics and thought it would pair really well with a plain black. I think the combo is just right.

One of the things I love about raglan style sleeves is that they are so easy to put together. As they form part of the neckline, there is no easing the sleeve into the arm hole which I think helps simplify the whole process.

So if you want an easy tee pattern for your stash, the kids raglan is a great choice.