Pattern: Staycation Tiered Dress & Peplum
Designer: Ellie & Mac
Fabrics: Sew Unique Cotton Lycra
Measurements: Bust: 44″ Waist: 39″; Hips: 48″
Size made: XXL
Adjustments: None
Pros: I’m really into tiered dresses at the moment, so the Staycation is a bit of a fave of mine. I also love pockets of course!
Cons: I wish this came with a flutter sleeve option. I think it would be a really great edition


The Wrap Up:

This is the second Staycation I’ve made, and I still love it.

There a few different options for the skirt, including a few different tier configurations and also the option for a plain skirt or a peplum length. I really wanted to change the sleeves on this to something more flouncy and trialled it with the ‘Be Dreamy’ sleeves, another pattern from Ellie & Mac, but I didn’t love the outcome so I stuck with the short sleeves and it turned out fine.

I have had success before using the Love Notions Willow Wrap Dress flounce sleeve in Ellie & Mac patterns, so maybe if I make another I’ll try substituting those in instead.

No I can’t do this review without talking about how absolutely GORGEOUS this fabric is. This is the Sew Unique Fabrics exclusive March subscription fabric and its bloody amazing. I’ve written about their subscription program before >>here<<. If you were ever going to join, THIS is the month for sure. If you sign up before the 31st of the month, you will get shipped this beautiful fabric along with a neat free gift (also crushing hard on this months gift). You can cancel your subscription at any time, but shhhh, I’ve seen the next couple of months of prints and they are pretty special so I don’t think you’ll regret it❤️

The other version I made I hacked to be sleeveless which you can see in the gallery of images below. I will try and get a blog written up on how to change it to sleeveless soon for those who would like to know.

All in all though, the Staycation is a winner and you should definitely get it while its on sale!