Pattern: Night Owl Pjs – Women’s & Kid’s
Designer: Peek A Boo Pattern Shop
Fabrics: RubyJam, Sew Unique & Spotlight
Measurements: Various
Size made: 2XL/3XL & 4
Adjustments: None
Pros: So many pros. Love ay nightwear and the colour blocking is great.
Cons: The pants don’t have pockets which is sad for me, but I added patch pockets and it was fine.


The Wrap Up:

I love pyjamas. Like A LOT. If I could get away with wearing them as everyday wear, I would haha. So pretty much straight away, the night owl pjs are a winner for me. I’ve mentioned a few times how much I love colour blocking, so its also another win for me with that option.

I’ve made both the shorts and top version and also the nightie version. I loved the short and top version but because the legs are cut as one piece per leg, there is no side seam for pockets. I am a huge fan of pockets in everything so to get around this I added patch pockets on the butt and it worked out great. The nightie I made with a Rubyjam animal print across the top and an incredibly luscious bamboo lycra on the bottom. I bloody love wearing it and its so soft and delicious on my skin.

The kids night owls I made because I had a friend who’s 4 yo boy LOVES wearing nighties over traditional ‘boy’ nightwear, so steals his sisters. He was disappointed he couldn’t get nighties with trucks and diggers and other themes he enjoys. So of course I was happy to step in and fulfil his wish. I also managed to make a matchy with his mum as I figured with would be hard to get Ready to Wear Matchy. I heard great feedback about the fit and he finds them incredibly comfortable. So much so he crawled into bed with his parents the first night he wore them at 4am and kept saying ‘these are so comfy, I am so comfy’. The dad eventually got so tired of hearing how comfy they were he threatened to take them off him if he didn’t go to sleep. hahaha. I think this is my most favourite compliment EVER!

So its a big thumbs up for me on both the kids and womens night owl PJ’s. A definite wardrobe staple.

Video Review: