Sewing is such a great way to unleash our creativity and create unique and personalised items. However, even the most passionate sewers can occasionally find themselves in a rut, struggling to find inspiration for their next project. Let’s take a look at these 4 tips to help get you back in the sewing chair. 

1. Jump on social media for inspiration.

Sometimes having a browse on dedicated sewing facebook groups or instagram sewing accounts can be a great way to kick start your creative streak. Seeing what others are doing and being inspired by real people, can help give you that little nudge to try what you’re seeing

2. Shop your stash

If you find yourself not knowing what to do next, sometimes going and having a look through your fabric stash can really help spark ideas for projects to do. You don’t just have to shop your fabric stash either. Looking through your pattern stash (let’s be honest, patterns can also be ‘stashed’ haha) is another way to be inspired to jump back into sewing. 

3. Remake an old favourite

If you have a pattern that is your absolute favourite, go back and make it again. Being able to just cut the pattern out, sew it up and know that it’s going to fit and feel good on you can be a big motivator. And who doesn’t love your favourite tee pattern in 5 different bases when you know you’re going to look fab in it!

4. Go for a quick win

Sometimes you just need a quick win to get you over the hump of being in a sewing slump. Make a pillowcase, sew up a new cushion cover for the couch or some other quick easy project and watch your creativity come back. You don’t always have to be going for the big projects for sewing time to be worthwile.

Finding yourself in a sewing rut is normal, even for the most experienced sewers. Remember that inspiration can be found in unexpected places. By reflecting on past projects, engaging with sewing communities,shopping from your stash and trying some quick win projects, you can reignite your sewing mojo and get back to creating beautiful items in no time. Embrace the journey of rediscovering your sewjo, and enjoy the process of bringing your creative visions to life!