Setting Up Your Machine for Twin Needling Success

In this article, we’ll be sharing three practical tips that can make a real difference in your twin needling endeavors. Whether you’re a seasoned pro curious about this technique or a beginner looking to learn something new, these tips will help you achieve clean, professional-looking results. So, grab your needles and let’s dive into the world of twin needling!

Tip 1: Use the correct twin/double needle type

Making sure you are using the right twin/double needle can make a big difference. I only use Schmetz Needles and they have a Universal and a Stretch type. Both come in various widths but I am a fan of the 4 in stretch for hemming and necklines. If you find you are getting skipped stitches, check that you are using correct type for the fabric you are sewing and that its a fresh needle. 

Tip 2: Keep your top threads separate

It’s always a good idea to have one of your top threads behind the needle bar and one in front. This helps keep them separate and getting tangled and causing problems.
I usually put my left thread in front and my right needle behind but it is totally personal preference!

Tip 3: Have a play with the tension and stitch length

One of the biggest complaints people have is that their stitches are ‘tunneling’.
Tunneling is when their is a ‘bump’ between the two lines of stitches. It usually happens when your tension isn’t right. 
My biggest piece of advice is to have a play with the settings for your machine. I generally find on my machine a stitch length of 3-3.5 and a tension of around 4-5 is what works best.

When your tension is right, your underside should look like a zig zag stitch like the picture on the right. If your tension is wrong, you bobbin thread may be too tight or look straighter.


My bonus tip is….
A blast with your steam iron fixes a manner of all sins! haha. Obviously check that your fabric is ok with the iron first, but honestly, giving your seams a good press and steam after can help smooth any tunnels and give it a nice clean finish.

Want more help with your twin needling?

I actually filmed a whole master class on twin needling in my membership The Sewing Corner. To watch that and many other skill builder tips and tricks, join my community below.