Greenstyle Patterns

  • Pattern Review of the Lumina Zip Up Hoodie

    Pattern: Lumina Zip Up Hoodie
    Designer: Greenstyle Patterns
    Fabrics: French Terry
    Measurements: Bust: 44″; Waist 34″; Hips 41″
    Size made: G, graded to an I at bust
    Adjustments: Only the grading at the bust
    Pros: This is gorgeous pattern for highlighting different fabrics.
    Cons: With the princess type seams over the bust it is a bit difficult to grade, but not impossible.


    The Wrap Up:

    When I got this strike fabric assigned to me from Sew Unique, I really wanted to use it for myself, but I had other fabric that I also wanted to use for a jumper, the floral cheetahs and I didn’t really need 2 new jumpers so I asked my neighbour if she would like a new hoodie jacket for winter. She is still feeding her daughter so I wanted to make it feeding friendly and I knew this would be a great pattern to use the accent fabric and also a solid.

    I bought Greenstyle Lumina a while ago and like with a lot of my patterns, I get them and then forget to make them for a while. Tell me I’m not alone haha. Now that I’ve made it up now though, I don’t know why it took me so long, I love it!!!

    I did find this a challenge with the grading as my neighbour has quite a prominent bust but slimmer waist and hips. She did comment to me that she often doesn’t buy zip up hoodies as she needs to buy them big to accommodate her bust but then it looks baggy around the hips. So I was pretty happy to be able to custom make one just for her measurements. After all, thats a big reason we sew isn’t it?! To make clothes fit our bodies! However, as I mentioned, the grading was difficult to get right with the way the pattern pieces come together with the pocket on the front, but I think I did a pretty good job! I won’t lie though, when I make my version where I don’t have to grade I am looking forward to the straight size haha.

    I also made my own separating zipper for this one and I don’t think I could have picked a more perfect zipper. The colouring on it suited the Winter Bokeh fabric so beautifully. I have a video on youtube detailing how to make a separating zipper from continuous zipper tape which I’ve linked above and can also been seen >>here<<. It is a bit tricky to get right though, so I often buy pre made separating zippers to save having to muck around with making one.

    So, I think this the first of a few Lumina hoodies. Can’t wait to do the next one.