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  • Pattern Review of the Dockside and Driftwood Polo

    Pattern: Dockside & Driftwood Polo
    Designer: Love Notions
    Fabrics: Cotton Lycra from Frankie Bear Fabrics
    Skill level: Advanced Beginner
    Size made: Large for my husband and size 4 for my son
    Adjustments: None
    Pros: I love a polo, it really takes a t shirt from casual to dressy, without being over the top. I also love being able to add things like the pocket and use different fabrics for the collars and binding.
    Cons: The binding option is a little tricky if you haven’t done a placket before. You can skip it if it’s your first time.

    Double the Polo Fun: Sewing Stylish Sets for Him and Mini-Me with Sewing Tips!

    I get accused all the time by my husband of never making him anything, so I was happy to be able to make not one, but TWO new polos for him this week haha. Hopefully less complaining for a while!

    The Dockside & Driftwood Polo is such a cute pattern, and perfect to make matchy match sets for the whole family. My husband is, in my words, boring with his fabric choices, hahaha, so I did his mainly black and had a pop of colour with the pocket. Using a gorgeous cotton lycra from Frankie Bear Fabrics. I also snuck in some colour in the binding on the neckline. Hehe. To compliment, I did the opposite on my son’s version, who absolutely LOVES colour. So it was a win win for all.

    For those that don’t know, the button up part of the polo t shirt is called a ‘placket’. The placket can be quite intimidating and a bit tricky to get right. It requires precise stitching and cutting. With a bit of practice however, you can get some really crisp and professional looking plackets on your polo’s.

    To help you get a smart looking button placket, I outlined my easy sewing tips for a perfect polo t shirt placket every time, in my latest episode of Sewcial Moments with Megan. These 5 simple tips will help you get a beautiful result and are so quick to watch!

    Grab both patterns while they are on sale $5usd each for the next 24hrs. Use code ‘Lovemegan’ at the checkout for an EXTRA 10% off.

    Also, as part of my role as a Ambassador for Love Notions, I filmed a step by step tutorial over on their YouTube channel if you still want some extra help after watching my 5 quick tips on Sewcial Moments with Megan.

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  • Pattern Review of the Sabrina Slims

    Pattern: Sabrina Slims
    Designer: Love Notions
    Fabrics: Bengaline from Super Cheap Fabrics
    Skill level: Beginner/Advanced Beginner
    Measurements: Waist: 39″;  Hips 47″
    Size made: 18 & 20
    Adjustments: None
    Pros: This is an absolute staple for your kids wardrobe. It is perfectly unisex and has both a long and short version.
    Cons: None

    The Wrap Up

    I did think that I loved the Duet Trousers from Love Notions, but then I tried the Sabrina Slims and I LOVE THEM!!

    They are so comfortable and I love the slimmer fit look. I originally made the size 20 but thought they may have been a little bit big. I then made the 18 for the welt pocket tutorial and I realised I should have made the 20 again with some alterations. The 18 still fit, but they are more on the snug side. 

    My biggest piece of advice would be to make a muslin, and if you decide to make another size, make another muslin 🙈 Pants can be notoriously hard to fit, so I would very rarely recommend making pants straight from your fashion fabric. It is very disappointing to make a pair of pants and not having them fit. 

    I would definitely recommend grabbing this pattern, especially if you grab them while they are on special for $5.

    Use code MEGAN10 for an EXTRA 10% off at the checkout.

    How to get a beautiful welt pocket

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  • Pattern Review of The Lenox Top and Dress

    Pattern: Lenox
    Designer: Love Notions
    Fabrics: Cotton Lycra from The Telarie
    Skill level: Beginner
    Measurements: Bust: 45″; Waist 40″; Hips 47″
    Size made: XL graded to 2XL
    Adjustments: None
    Pros: I love a square neckline on a garment and I love the way this one is constructed.
    Cons: No pockets, but fairly easy to add. Also, make sure you read the instructions on how to construct the neckband and MAKE SURE you mark the notches on the neckband.

    The Wrap Up

    Anything with a square neckline I am super keen to try out as I think it really suits my shape. I was curious about this pattern as generally when you have a square neckline the garment needs to be fully lined to achieve the corners of the square across the front, however this one is done with bands. If I can avoid fully lining I generally do as it is additional fabric I don’t always want to have to use. I also really liked the princess style of the front seams, which is why you can achieve the neckband the way it is.

    Essentially the neck band is done with 2 neckbands pieces, laid over the top of eachother to create the neckline. It’s not just for the square neckline either, the Lenox also has a really cute sweetheart neckline version. I’m yet to try that one, but I think it looks pretty cute also.

    One downfall for me on this pattern is that it doesn’t have pockets on the dress version. However, they are pretty simple to add and you can take the pockets from something like the Sybil Skirt Collection and easily add them to this dress. In fact, you could really mash any of the skirts from the Sybil Skirt Collection if you wanted to change it up and make it your own. I also talk about how to add inseam pockets in my review of the Willow Wrap Dress.

    All in all I think this pattern is well worth having in your collection. Watch my YouTube review to get my construction tips on how to get your neckband looking beautiful and I think you will be very happy with this pattern.

    Use code Megan10 to get an additional 10% off when you purchase this pattern.

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  • Pattern Review of the Duet Trousers and how to add a control panel

    Pattern: Duet Trousers
    Designer: Love Notions
    Fabrics: Bengaline from Spotlight Stores
    Skill level: Confident Beginner
    Measurements: Waist 39.5″; Hips 47.5″
    Size made: 16 Full Belly Adjusted Pieces
    Adjustments: None
    Pros: The re release with the full belly adjusted pieces is such a welcome addition.
    Cons: Pants are a challenge. Always make a muslin/toile before cutting into your fashion fabric.

    The Wrap Up

    I’m not sure I’ve ever been so happy with a pair of pants straight off the bat. The toile/muslin I made was so well fitting, I knew that when I cut into my fashion fabric they would be a win.

    My biggest piece of advice for making these pants would be to make sure you read the fitting advice included in the pattern. According to my measurements, I should have made a size 20, but I know I would have had to make so many adjustments and likely would have ended up really frustrated. After reading all the advice on fitting however, I knew that I needed to use the Full Belly Adjusted pieces and was able to use the size 16, and got such a great fit.

    The other bonus about the duet trousers is that they come with a pants fitting workbook that is great for helping to work out what any creases in your pants may mean. 

    As well as the workbook, Love Notions have released a Duet trouser course with this re-release, meaning its easier than ever to get help in getting your perfect fitting trousers.

    This will certainly not be my last pair I make, it is so nice to have a pair of slacks that not only look good, they feel good to wear as well.

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  • Pattern Review of the Willow Wrap Dress with how to add pockets

    Pattern: Willow Wrap Dress
    Designer: Love Notions
    Fabrics: Cotton Lycra from Clover & Co. Fabrics
    Skill level: Confident Beginner
    Measurements: Bust: 45″; Waist 39.5″; Hips 47.5″
    Size made: XL graded to 2XL at waist
    Adjustments: Shortened to Empire waistline
    Pros: Gorgeous pattern for showing off your bustline
    Cons: No pockets, but watch my tutorial on how to add them!

    The Wrap Up

    I love this pattern so much I have made 3 of them!

    I am a huge fan of the Love Notions Willow wrap, it is such a flattering pattern with a variety of options. You can choose from dress or peplum length, and to be honest, you can also cut between the peplum and dress lengths to create a tunic length as well if you wanted. There are also 5 different sleeve options, 2 neckline heights and it is great for Maternity and Nursing.

    I would note that with the flutter sleeve option I think it is better suited for lighter, drapier fabrics as when I used the 220gsm Cotton Lycra it was just a bit too ‘stiff’. I didn’t think it sat as nicely as when I made it from a double brushed poly.

    I also prefer an Empire Waistline to a Natural Waistline, so I used the tutorial I made for the Margot Peplum, also from Love Notions, to shorten my bodice to Empire.

    This is the Feature Friday pattern for Love Notions, Friday 31st March, 2023 which means here in Australia it will be on sale for $5USD (approx. $7.50 AUD) till around 3pm Saturday 1st April.

    Use code MEGAN10 for an extra 10% off at the checkout!

    I also think every dress should have pockets, so make sure you check out my video review below which includes a tutorial on how to add pockets to any dress! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel while you’re there so you don’t miss any future reviews and tutorials.

    Pattern Review and How to add pockets to your Willow Wrap Dress

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  • Pattern Review of the Margot Peplum

    Pattern: Margot Peplum
    Designer: Love Notions
    Fabrics: Cotton Lycra from Sew Unique Fabrics
    Skill level: Beginner
    Measurements: Chest: 44″; Waist 40″; Hips 47″
    Size made: XL/2XL
    Adjustments: Grading and shortening bodice to Empire waistline
    Pros: I love princess seams on my shape and the option of skirts is a bonus. Also has full bust adjusted pieces already.
    Cons: Not a fan of it sitting on my natural waist but I shortened to Empire waist. See my YouTube review for instructions.

    The Wrap Up

    I hadn’t made this one before but it’s been on my list to try for a while. 

    I had originally planned to try the pleated skirt but I didn’t have enough fabric so I ended up going for the swing style. I love the result but think I will try the pleated next time, some of the tester photos were so pretty.

    I also shortened the bodice to be more Empire style as I find that suits my shape much better. I am so happy with the final look now and absolutely LOVE how this sits on my body now.

    I made mine from a cotton lycra but I think this would look really nice in a scuba or ponte as well so I would be keen to try that next time as well.

    Love Notions is one of my fave for pre done full bust adjusted pieces as well. It makes it so much easier for bigger busted women to be able to just use the already adjusted pieces. 

    Excited to be wearing this one around!

    PS. use code sewandtellau10 for an EXTRA 10% off at the checkout.

    Video Review

    Watch my detailed review of the Margot Peplum on YouTube. Includes bonus tutorial on how to shorten a Natural Waistline to an Empire Waistline.

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  • Pattern Hack – How to create a tunic length from a dress

    Pattern: Tidal Dress & Top
    Designer: Love Notions
    Fabrics: Cotton Lycra
    Measurements: Bust: 44″; Waist 39″; Hips 48″
    Size made: XL graded to 2XL
    Adjustments: None
    Pros: I love the panel at the front on this, its great to give the illusion of a trimmer front section, especially if you use a darker fabric for the back panels
    Cons: I had some trouble with the grading and how it sat on my tummy. I think you need to be really careful when grading out given where the panel is.


    The Wrap Up:

    I recently helped retest the Love Notions Tidal top and while I loved all the length options, I felt that it would lend itself really well to tunic length, so here are my top tips on shortening any dress pattern to tunic length!

    Decide on the length:
    Tunic length is typically longer than shirt length, but shorter than dress, so usually sitting somewhere at the top to mid thigh. I took the above knee piece and cut across the piece about 6 inches up from the bottom of the dress pieces.

    Once I had done that to the front, I loaded my back piece and sat the front piece I had already cut out on top of the back piece.

    I made sure that I lined up my shoulder pieces so that I would know where to cut it along the bottom.

    Once you’ve cut your front and back pieces, you can carry on with cutting the other pieces as normal and put it all together as per the instructions. If the pieces don’t line up exactly, don’t worry too much, you can even them out before you hem it.

    I’m really happy with how the tunic length of this one turned out, as well as the normal shirt l made. The blocking on this one is so flattering, worth giving it a try for sure!


  • Pattern Review of the Aria Button Down Shirt

    Pattern: Aria Button Down
    Designer: Love Notions
    Fabrics: Spotlight
    Measurements: Bust: 44″; Waist 39″; Hips 48″
    Size made: XL Full bust piece
    Adjustments: None
    Pros: Love Notions are one of my FAVOURITE pattern companies for larger busted women. The inclusion of full bust pieces already done is SUCH an advantage. The collar was SO easy!
    Cons: None really, its a great pattern for a button down shirt.


    The Wrap Up:

    I know I have a lot of favourite pattern companies, haha, but honestly, Love Notions really are amazing for affordable, easy to follow pdf patterns that are quite size inclusive. They also include full bust pieces already adjusted for bigger busted ladies like myself which is SO helpful!

    So when they had a call out for a new pattern recently, I put my hand up straight away as I knew it would be another winner. I don’t wear a lot of button down shirts, but I enjoy making them for my husband and son, so I liked the idea of getting to join in the shirt fun.

    The Aria button down has a number of different options, including shirt, tunic and dress length, as well as long, short or sleeveless options. You can also choose between a traditional collar or a mandarin collar. I made the shirt length with short sleeve and traditional collar. I have to say their method for doing the collar was one of the easiest I’ve ever done. I have had some troubles in the past getting the collar stand piece to line up flush with the button panel, but on this one it fit beautifully and I was so pleased with the final collar result.

    I was away with family when I made this one and my family thought my fabric choice was a little out there but I absolutely LOVE it. It’s a cotton poplin from Spotlight which sewed up really well and I think the pink is so bright and fun. I also love the Australian birds on it.

    So all in all another fab pattern from Love Notions. They have also included an on demand course for how to sew this one for anyone thats a little unsure. For the week of release the pattern is included in the cost of the course ($25USD) and never expires, so you can watch it as many times as you need. Check out the links above for more details.