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  • Pattern Review of the Palazzo Pants

    Pattern: Palazzo Pants
    Designer: Pattern Emporium
    Fabrics: EcoVero Viscose Elastane Jersey Fabric Black -Spotlight Stores
    Measurements:  Waist 39″; Hips 47″
    Size made: 18
    Adjustments: I took in the elastic to sit higher on my waist
    Pros: I adore these pants and they are SO comfy! I love the high waisted look
    Cons: SUPER fabric hungry, and these were only the subtle flare.

    Chic Elegance: Where comfort meets style

    I always feel a little scared whenever I sew pants. They are notoriously hard to get right and I’ve had my fair share of fails in the past (and I’m sure I still will in the future as well 🙈). However, these pants were a dream and they fit and feel SO good!

    The thing I like about Pattern Emporium patterns is that Kate is so detailed in her fitting instructions. She makes sure the finished garment size is included and also talks quite extensively as to how the garment should fit. I made sure I read the instructions very well before I chose my size and I actually ended up making a straight 18.

    When I first tried them on, I had them sitting lower on my hips, and they were comfortable, but I had made the high waisted option, so I pulled them up higher and instantly loved them more.

    Thankfully it wasn’t too hard to unpick a small section of the waistband to make the elastic smaller, and then stitch it back up.

    I made mine out of a EcoVero Viscose Elastane, which is basically a rayon spandex, and I think this is what gives them such a dreamy look. I chose the subtle flare and because it is such a drapey fabric, it just swirls around your legs and feels so good against your skin. It almost has a faux maxi skirt look until you walk and can see the 2 legs.

    I definitely think I will make these again, the only downfall is they are so fabric hungry. Even though I made the subtle flare, I still went through about 2m of fabric as I could only get 1 leg per metre, and I’d hate think what I would need for the dramatic flare 🙈.

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  • Pattern Review of the Everyday’s A Weekend Dress

    Pattern: Everyday’s A Weekend
    Designer: Pattern Emporium
    Fabrics: Cotton Lycra from The Telarie
    Skill level: Beginner
    Measurements: Bust: 45″; Waist 42″; Hips 50″
    Size made: 20
    Adjustments: None
    Pros: This is the comfiest dress and I am LOVING wearing it.
    Cons: None

    Summer Joy: Turning a Tiered Dress Pattern into a Single-Tier Skirt Delight

    I’ve had this pattern on my list for a while with every intention of making it, but I just never got around to it.  So when I recommended it in my end of year pattern sales episode of Sewcial Moments with Megan, I had a renewed desire to make one!

    The fabric I used is a Cotton Lycra from The Telarie that I got in one of their Mystery Boxes and I LOVE it!! Cotton Lycra is the same as Spandex or Elastane, they are just known by different names, which can be really confusing! It’s one of the reasons I go so in-depth in my Knit Confidence course. It’s just one of the modules that helps you understand how to sew with knit fabric better which I know has helped countless students. Happy Teacher right here!

    The original pattern is a tiered dress, but I wanted to make it a single tier skirt. Luckily it’s such a simple hack to do. First I finished the bodice. I then took a measuring tape and held it up to the bottom of the bodice while I was wearing it and decided where I wanted the skirt to sit. 

    Once I had that measurement I added about an inch for the seam allowance and cut the front and back pieces at that length and carried on with the pattern as normal!

    I would make one note, be careful that you take note of the bodice line you are cutting. I cut the regular length for my front but didn’t pay attention on the back and cut the tall. It was a simple fix to adjust, but just be aware and don’t make the mistake I did haha.

    I think one of my fave things about this pattern is the generous ease in the waist measurement so it doesn’t cling to my tummy making me feel uncomfortable. It’s the perfect dress to throw on in the morning and just cruise around in all day. I imagine in winter I could pair it with some leggings and a cardigan and I’ll have the perfect easy winter dress as well.

    And you know the VERY BEST thing about this dress?!

    I was shopping at the supermarket and someone stopped me to tell me how beautiful my dress was and that is was just so summery and happy. I of course thanked them and said I made it, which they couldn’t believe. It made my day and I had the biggest smile on my face for the rest of the day. Having wearable, comfortable AND flattering clothes is just one of the reasons I sew, and sewing this dress sure didn’t disappoint!

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  • Pattern Review of the Smitten Jacket

    Pattern: Smitten Jacket
    Designer: Pattern Emporium
    Fabrics: Cotton Drill from Spotlight Stores
    Skill level: Experienced Beginner
    Size made: 18 FBA
    Adjustments: None
    Pros: Love this one to chuck over a dress or top to dress it up or keep you warm on cooler nights.
    Cons: None

    The Wrap Up

    When I saw Kate from Pattern Emporium ask for testers for this jacket, I put my hand up straight away, it’s SO cute! I had my eye on the ultra crop version and I was not disappointed with my final version.

    One of the things I liked about it is that Kate wasn’t marketing it as a straight Denim jacket, rather one that could be used with softer fabrics such as Linen, Linen Blends and Rayons, which just makes it so much more versatile.

    I also really love the options on this one. Having the front and back yoke as well as the paneled front gives it so many ways to customise for a prefect style fit just for you. I am a huge fan of the top stitching element (though I didn’t top stitch this one), as it gives you the opportunity to add a contrasting colour that can really make it pop.

    Pattern Emporium really do have great written instructions for their patterns making it so much easier for beginners especially to feel like they are being supported as they attempt new patterns. It has a size range of 4-30, and mashes with quite a few other Pattern Emporium patterns.

    I thoroughly enjoyed making this one and have plans for a denim and Corduroy version for winter. I highly recommend giving this one a go!

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  • Pattern Review of the Endless Summer Tee

    Pattern: Endless Summer Tee
    Designer: Pattern Emporium
    Fabrics: Cotton Lycra from Wattle Hill Fabrics
    Skill level: Beginner
    Measurements: Chest: 44″; Waist 40″; Hips 47″
    Size made: 20/22
    Adjustments: Grading and I ended up taking it in under the arms another 1″ on both sides.
    Pros: I love the neckline on this and feminine flutters.
    Cons: The sizing hasn’t been updated on this pattern yet so its only to a 24 (US20). 

    The Wrap Up

    I am a big fan of scoop neck patterns and this one was no exception. However, there are also 4 other necklines to choose from which is something I love when patterns include different necklines. I also instantly knew I wanted to put the flutters on. I love how feminine they are and just add an extra detail that draws the eye up, which for me I like cause it takes away from my tummy! haha.

    I used a super soft Cotton Elastane from Wattle Hill Fabrics in an olive with small black dots, which paired perfectly with the Olive Faux Denim Cotton Elastane I used for my Sonia Estep Iris shorts. I have previously written about the Iris Shorts which I will link here. The fabric was a dream to sew with and I love wearing it as its so soft and light on my skin.

    You can leave the flutters unhemmed as its a knit so won’t fray, but I chose to do a rolled hem on mine. I used the rolled hem feature on my Baby Lock Acclaim Overlocker/Serger and it did the most BEAUTIFUL rolled hem I think I’ve ever seen. I see lots more rolled hems in my future. Not to mention more Endless Summer Tee’s!

    Definitely a quick and easy one to sew up and recommend giving it a go.

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