Pattern review

  • Pattern Review of the Palazzo Pants

    Pattern: Palazzo Pants
    Designer: Pattern Emporium
    Fabrics: EcoVero Viscose Elastane Jersey Fabric Black -Spotlight Stores
    Measurements:  Waist 39″; Hips 47″
    Size made: 18
    Adjustments: I took in the elastic to sit higher on my waist
    Pros: I adore these pants and they are SO comfy! I love the high waisted look
    Cons: SUPER fabric hungry, and these were only the subtle flare.

    Chic Elegance: Where comfort meets style

    I always feel a little scared whenever I sew pants. They are notoriously hard to get right and I’ve had my fair share of fails in the past (and I’m sure I still will in the future as well 🙈). However, these pants were a dream and they fit and feel SO good!

    The thing I like about Pattern Emporium patterns is that Kate is so detailed in her fitting instructions. She makes sure the finished garment size is included and also talks quite extensively as to how the garment should fit. I made sure I read the instructions very well before I chose my size and I actually ended up making a straight 18.

    When I first tried them on, I had them sitting lower on my hips, and they were comfortable, but I had made the high waisted option, so I pulled them up higher and instantly loved them more.

    Thankfully it wasn’t too hard to unpick a small section of the waistband to make the elastic smaller, and then stitch it back up.

    I made mine out of a EcoVero Viscose Elastane, which is basically a rayon spandex, and I think this is what gives them such a dreamy look. I chose the subtle flare and because it is such a drapey fabric, it just swirls around your legs and feels so good against your skin. It almost has a faux maxi skirt look until you walk and can see the 2 legs.

    I definitely think I will make these again, the only downfall is they are so fabric hungry. Even though I made the subtle flare, I still went through about 2m of fabric as I could only get 1 leg per metre, and I’d hate think what I would need for the dramatic flare 🙈.

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