• Pattern Test & Review of the High Waisted Tennis Skirt

    Pattern: High Waisted Pleated Skirt
    Designer: Ellie & Mac Patterns
    Fabrics: Woven Cotton Poplin & black ribbing
    Measurements: Waist: 39″; Hips: 49″
    Size made: 2XL
    Adjustments: None
    Pros: I like the dressiness of this skirt and how by changing the fabric could really change up wether you are making it dressy or casual.
    Cons: There is a lot of work in this one with the pleats. I wouldn’t say its difficult, its just finicky and time consuming.


    The Wrap Up:

    This pattern went through a couple of changes through the testing process, which is partly what the test process is, to iron any kinks in the size grading and instructions.

    The original skirt was to made from knit fabric, but the first test group had issues, so when it got to my group for testing, it had changed to a woven or structured knit. I had a lot of trouble with my fit version, which I think was partly to do with the style (the pleats were sewn down a lot further creating less room in the hips) and I also think I didn’t sew the right size for me.

    It bunched at the hips and non contoured waistband sat funny on my waist. It was not a flattering look! I was a little scared to see what the final version would come out as, but a few additional changes were made and I think they made a big difference. The main difference was incorporating the option for a ribbed waistband option to help with the waistband issues.

    I had initially picked out some cute grapefruit fabric to make my final from, but pleated skirts are incredibly fabric hungry and I didn’t have enough. I did however have some stylish black and gold cotton poplin that I got from a friend who was de-stashing and it was perfect.

    While pleats are time consuming, I actually find it quite cathartic and satisfying watching them come together. It’s ‘slow’ sewing, but requires more skill and attention to detail, which I think is good to have a few of those projects every now and then. Especially if you’re a fast and dirty sewer like I am haha.

    I think the final skirt came up quite good and when I paired it with my new Tennessee Tee in a deep red/Burgundy, it really popped. Throw in a pair of black kitten heels and I was already for my Valentines date of salmon and rice with my husband and kids at 5.30 before I ran off to work haha. Glamorous Valentines for us for sure 😉