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  • Tadah Patterns Turns 10!

    My Favourite Tadah Patterns

    If you haven’t seen, Tadah are having a massive 40% off site wide to celebrate their 10th birthday! Amazing!!

    Tadah were actually the very first PDF patterns I ever used. I had previously only used paper patterns from the big 4 and while I was a competent sewer, I found them lacking in instructions and often had trouble finding my size from the pattern draws at the craft store. After my friend Laura (@eveningseamstress) started using Tadah to sew for her daughters and gushed to me about how easy they were I decided to give these PDF patterns a go. I have never looked back!!

    My very first Tadah pattern was the Baby Tea Party in romper view and I had a very clear vision of how the fabrics would work and how it would look on Jemma who was then about 13 months old. They are honestly some of the best drafted patterns for kids (and adults!) and the instructions make it SO EASY to follow. 

    Tadah are still on high rotation in my garment making and I’ve now become quite good friends with Lauren who is such an incredible human with an absolutely beautiful soul. I just love how sewing brings together the most wonderful people ❤️

    It’s hard to choose a favourite but I’ve listed a couple below that are well worth adding to your pattern stash if you don’t already have them. Happy shopping and happy 10th birthday Tadah!

    *sale runs until midnight August 4th 

    Tea Party

    Without a doubt my most made Tadah pattern. I have made so many of these in all the different views and styles, I reckon I could do a the Tea Party with my eyes closed now haha. It was hard to choose only a few of my makes to share, but trust me you need to add this one to cart ASAP.

    Jaunty knit Dress

    The jaunty was one of my first forays into knit garments and what prompted me to buy my own overlocker as well. I had been borrowing my mums and realised they weren’t as scary as I initially thought🙈. I like the double skirt option and have done a few where I have added a tulle layer to great effect as well.

    Street Jacket

    I think this might have been one of the first patterns I helped test for Lauren. It is SUCH a cute style and works well with a variety of fabric styles. Im a fan of them in corduroy but it can work equally as well in a drill or even a cotton. I have some colourful leopard sitting there from The Telarie that is earmarked for a street jacket for Jemma 😍

    Everyday Overalls

    I LOVE overalls on kids. They are so cute and a great way to layer with fun tops and prints underneath as well. I originally got the Vintie Overalls from Tadah and made a few for Jemma but when Lauren was testing the Everyday overalls I put my hand straight up to test for Ted. It is definitely a more advanced pattern than the Vinties, so if you want a simpler first pattern, try the Vinties but get the everyday overalls at the same time cause they are too cute to pass up.

    Troop Shirt

    The Troop Shirt was the first pattern I made for Ted and I was so daunted by it. I was worried that if I had a by I wouldn’t have anything to make him, but I was so wrong. I also thought shirts were really hard, but they are actually really simple. As long as you go slow and follow the extremely easy instructions, your little one will have a smart looking shirt in no time. 

    Flexi Shorts & Seaside Romper, Dress & Top

    The Flexis were another firm fave of mine when Jemma was younger. The flat front hack with ruched legs by Tanya from Sewvolution was my fave thing to do and paired with a Seaside playsuit, I made many an adorable Tadah set. 

    The Seaside I liked as it wasn’t as fitted as tea party romper, but still so so cute. Perfect for younger kids who get their shirts all untucked, the playsuit option meant it was all tucked in and looked great.

  • Pattern Review of the Jaunty Knit Dress

    Pattern: Jaunty Knit Dress
    Designer: Tadah Patterns
    Fabrics: Cotton Lycra Accent Fabric – Clover & Co, Solid Cotton Lycra – Sew Unique Fabrics
    Measurements: Unsure – Its a gift
    Size made: 7
    Adjustments: Added a tulle layer
    Pros: This is a very quick and easy dress to make. Perfect for gifts or to add to your child’s wardrobe
    Cons: Not a con, but it is quite a low waist line, I sometimes prefer my skirt to come out higher up the waist.


    The Wrap Up:

    The Jaunty was on of the very first knit dresses I made for my daughter. It is such an easy and fun pattern, I have now made heaps! It was also some of the first times I used knit fabric and the jaunty made it so easy to create.

    I love that there is the dual layer for the skirts, it creates a fun element that lets you play around with different fabric combos. I also have done a version with a tulle skirt and have recently done a version with a gathered tulle skirt over a solid cotton lycra underlay. I love the way it turned out and will definitely be making more of those versions.

    Tadah Patterns are VERY easy to follow and have excellent written instructions. They were some of the first pdf patterns I used and in case you haven’t noticed, I am a big fan of Tadah. They will always be a firm favourite pattern maker of mine!

    Video Review:


    Live Sew Along:

  • Pattern Test of the Back to Front (BTF) Dress

    Pattern: Back to Front (BTF) Dress/Romper
    Designer: Tadah Patterns
    Fabrics: Cotton Poplin – I think from Spotlight, have had a LONG time
    Measurements: Chest: 46cm; Waist: 47cm; Height: 77cm
    Size made: 00 chest graded to 0 height
    Pros: Really simple construction, can be worn both ways.
    Cons: Size was a little tight on my models, may want to consider sizing up.

    The Wrap Up:

    This was my first time testing for Tadah. As a long time lover of there patterns, it really was quite an honour to get a chance to help owner Lauren to test this latest pattern.

    I put my hand up to test the 00 size as I was going to be using my friends little girl as my model. When I got her measurements she ended up fitting in the 00 size for chest but 0 for length, so I ended up grading to suit.

    Finished Garment ready for fit photos

    The version I tested was a little long in the short straps which I know was fixed in the final pattern, which is why its so important for designers to get a variety of models in the test phase, to iron out any of these little issues.

    I chose to use a cute floral woven I’ve had in my stash forever and it turned out so cute. I did the most simple version as I was running a bit short on time to get my fit photos in. I was able to use my friends little girl for fit photos, but on the day didn’t get to do any styled shots. As there weren’t any major changes to the final version, I was able to use my fit garment for the final photos but changed models to my neighbour as she was available the day I could take the pics. Lucky the are the same size 🙈.

    I love the versatility of this pattern being that it can be worn both ways and still look super stylish and cute. It also has quite an easy construction designed with beginners in mind, so definitely give this a go if you’re new to sewing and want something easy. Lauren also has a really helpful Facebook Group that you can join for extra help or advice if you get stuck.

    I have a few more of these planned now, I want to try the ruffles and I think they would make a great baby gift.

    This pattern is on sale to celebrate its release so jump on the link below and grab it while its discounted. Tag me in your make so I can see your cute version as well!