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  • New Born Gifts For My Best Friend

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    When my best friend told me she was pregnant earlier this year, I was so excited! I know how much she’s been waiting to make that journey from Maiden to Mother, so hearing that she was expecting her own bundle of love was beyond exciting for me.

    I was also excited of course at all the fun sewing opportunities. I love gifting hand made and I knew she would really appreciate anything I made for her. I got to work straight away thinking about what I wanted to make and the materials I wanted to use.

    The Wrap Up:

    The first set I made was two Waves & Wild Patterns. A pair of Over it Alls and a Pick n Mix Tee.

    Waves & Wild have some incredible kids patterns and are up there with one of my favourite pattern designers. Particularly the Over it Alls. I don’t even know how many of those I have made! They are so quick and easy and have a very generous size range. Newborn to Age 12.

    I chose to use some of Clover & Co. Fabrics Lounge rib as it is so incredibly soft and is made from 95.4% Cotton and 4.6% spandex, making it super breathable. The print is called Midnight Soleil and I fell in love with it the minute I saw it.

    I did the short version in 000 size, hoping that her bubba boy will get some wear early next year before the weather turns. I also chose to use plastic Kam snaps for the straps but I highly recommend interfacing or at least adding another square scrap of fabric for extra stability under the snaps. They get quite a lot of strain when pulling them off that if they are not properly backed, they will pull through the fabric over time.

    To pair with the Over it Alls I also made a teeny tiny size 000 Pick n Mix Tee. I chose this one for the envelope neckline which if you have kids, you’ll know if a lifesaver when they get covered in anything from poop to food. Not having to pull it over their head and spread it more in their hair, instead being able to peel off over their body is SO much easier!

    The awesome thing about the Pick n Mix is that within the one pattern there is also a sleep sack and body suit. The other necklines include snap neck and crew neck. You can also have either short or long sleeves and there is a handy fold over mitten option so those tiny little fingernails can’t scratch themselves.

    Again I chose to make it from Clover’s Lounge rib, in their Stripes of Soleil print.

    The next gift I made was one that I but a lot of thought into. Although my friend grew up here on the mainland, she now lives in Tasmania and is obviously where she is building her family. So through Clover & Co. I was able to use a fabric that has roots in Tasmania which I knew she would love.

    The design, called Wattle, is from Clover’s NAIDOC round and is designed by local First Nations artist, Annie from Pia Designs. My friends partner has lived and worked with First Nations people out at Uluru, Alice Springs and they both have incredible respect for First Nations people so I knew this print would be perfect.

    For this piece I chose to make a short leg Zippie from Peek A Boo Pattern Shop. I’ve done a pattern review before about the Classic zip PJ set, as its honestly one of my favourite sleepwear patterns to make. Both my kids LOVE their homemade zippies in funky fabrics. So much more than they ever did their Bonds ones. It also has a really generous size range of Newborn to 10/12.

    I was also able to use another incredible Australian supplier for this one, Dreamy Bag Hardware. Coincidently, another Tassie based business! I used their ‘Made in Tassie’ zip pull and number 5 zip tape. As the Made in Tassie pull is quite chunky, and I wanted to have a two way zip for ease of nappy changes, I chose to use a slim line pull for the bottom pull, still in the antique brass to keep it within the theme.

    So all in all a very Tassie themed sew for my Tassie based friend with her soon to be Tassie born babe!

    Seeing the joy on her face when she received these was so worth the trip down there, as was the beautiful 2 days I got to spend with her.

    I can’t wait to see her little man in these!


    Video tutorial of the Waves & Wild Over it Alls: