I love making clothes for my kids, it’s one of my greatest joys. However, I’m sure most would agree, kids grow like weeds and it feels like as soon as I make a beautiful garment for them, I blink and then they have outgrown it!

This is where I love hand-me-downs. I find with handmade, they are generally so well made and with much higher quality materials than Fast Fashion/Ready To Wear, that there is still so much wear left in these beautiful garments.

Giving New Life to Old Makes

I made this jacket for my son in May last year (you can read my review here) and I absolutely loved it. When he grew out of it, I was so sad!

It still has a lot of wear left in it and I wanted to pass it on to a friend who I knew would give it the same love we did. I did want to personalise it for her and her son as well though, and I thought using the Siser Easyweed HTV and Siser Brick 600 would be a perfect pairing. 

I started by unpicking the T from the front. I was really careful and made sure I used a sharp unpick/seam ripper so I would get a clean cut with the threads.

I then found a font that I liked on dafont.com called Varsity (you can find it here) to create the new Letter. Using Leonardo Design Studio, I was able to Type the letter and use the Build Contours tool to create the offset.

Once I cut the design using my Siser Juliet Cutter, it was an absolute dream weeding the letters. Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) is honestly some of the best vinyl I’ve ever worked with. I find it is generally much better value than some of the other big names in the market.

The final step was using my Siser Heat Press to attach the design. I ended up using some extra folded over fabric to place under the jacket so I could raise the jacket front to get a clean adhesion and also not effect the zip. Something I’m really learning about HTV is that pressure matters when adhering your designs. I can not believe the difference I notice in how well the design sticks and wears over time when I use a quality heat press and have adequate pressure.

Once the Siser Brick 600 had cooled (it is a cool peel), I was able to take a look at my final design. I LOVE IT!!

I can’t wait to see this off to my friend and see her son enjoy this jacket as much as my son has.