Pattern: Demi Raglan
Designer: Sinclair Patterns
Fabrics: Cotton Lycra from Rubyjam
Skill level: Beginner
Size made: 18/20
Adjustments: Only the grading
Pros: Super easy for a beginner and great fitting.
Cons: Making sure you mark your front and back notches is important.

The Wrap Up

When you are self conscious about your mum tum (like I am), it can sometimes be hard to find a tshirt pattern that doesn’t cling to all the wrong places. The Demi Raglan is one of my fave raglan style tees cause it doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable and is such a nice fit!

Something I love about raglan sleeves is I think you have better colour blocking options. Having the sleeves form part of the neckline means you have a great opportunity to showcase fabric and patterns on the sleeves. This means options like a bold print paired with a solid work really well as they balance each other out and can look very cohesive.

I wanted to use the feathers in this one as I didn’t have a huge amount left and I knew that pairing it with the black would look really effective. I also toyed with the idea of a mustard or teal, but ultimately I thought the black worked the best. The only thing I was a little worried about what that it then left the middle panel quite plain.

I decided to use my new cutter, the Juliet cutter from Siser with some Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl in rainbow glitter to brighten up the front panel. I wanted to keep in the feather theme so I bought a feather file off Etsy that had a few options and then incorporated it into a horizontal group across the chest. It worked SO WELL!!

I am super happy with how this one turned out and will definitely be making more Demi Raglans as it’s pretty much my goto raglan pattern!

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