• Video Tutorial of Bear Hug Wrap Romper

    Pattern: Bear Hug Wrap Romper
    Designer: Peek A Boo Patterns
    Fabrics: Cotton Lycra from Wattle Hill
    Size made: 3 months & 12 months
    Adjustments: None
    Pros: This is a really cute little wrap romper for your babies. Perfect as a baby shower gift.
    Cons: None

    Effortless Baby Dressing: A Dive into the Bear Hug Wrap Romper Pattern!

    There’s something innately charming about dressing up babies; their outfits are like pint-sized versions of adult clothes, filled with cuteness overload. However, the practicality of baby outfits is just as crucial, if not more so, than their aesthetic appeal. That’s where the Bear Hug Wrap Romper pattern shines bright.

    This pattern effortlessly combines style with functionality. The wrap design not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures a quick dressing process – a must during those late night changes or with a wriggly baby.

    The rompers’ variety is another plus. It offers short and long sleeves, making it adaptable to different seasons and climates. The optional fold over cuffs is good for those bubbas who scratch themselves, protecting their hands and face. I also like the options of both cuffs or footies, ensuring your little ones remain snug as a bug.

    I also think an important feature of babywear is ease of use in getting to the nappy/diaper. If you choose to add the inseam snap placket, it eliminates the hassle of fully undressing the baby, saving both time and effort.

    I would say the most difficult part of the wrap is the binding. It can be quite tricky, however I suggest going slow and using something like double sided washaway tape to help keep it in place while you sew. Have a look at the tutorial I filmed below for additional tips and tricks.

    I highly recommend for those sewing for their little ones or even as a thoughtful handmade gift for expecting friends and family!

    Step-by-Step Tutorial: Sewing the Adorable Bear Hug Wrap Romper for Your Little One!

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  • Pattern test & review of the Baby Poppy

    Pattern: Baby Poppy
    Designer: Made for Mermaids
    Fabrics: May Gibbs Accent fabric – Spotlight. Solid Cotton Lycra – Sew Unique
    Measurements: Chest: 19″ Waist: 21″; Height: 31″
    Size made: 9-12 months
    Adjustments: None
    Pros: As soon as I saw the tester call for this one I signed up immediately. I couldn’t resist the bubble romper option and adorable flutter sleeves.
    Cons: I wasn’t a huge fan of the way the crotch snap section was done in the instructions, so I may change it to something I am more comfortable with in future garments I do.


    The Wrap up:

    The minute I saw this pattern I knew I had to test it. It just looked so dang cute! I love a bubble romper style and flutter sleeves get me every time. Throw in the button front and I was seriously swooning.

    I am very lucky to live next door to a pretty cute little girl and her amazing mum and dad who let me sew and use this little cherub as my model. I love sewing for Ted, but I don’t think its any secret that girl clothes are cuter. Well, they are easier to dress up I think.

    The baby Poppy also has plenty of other options included such as sleeveless, short & long sleeve, skirted and peplum. The button placket can either be faux or functional. Being a bubble romper style there is also plenty of room for either disposable or cloth nappies and the snap crotch makes it super easy to change when needed.

    I did have a little trouble with the snap crotch as its not a style I am used to and I’ll be honest, I didn’t love it. I think in future I might change it slightly to something I am more comfortable but is just as functional. Though I probably need to give it another try the way it is listed in the instructions before I make any rash changes haha.

    This pattern is definitely a winner for me and I have already ordered some gorgeous lounge rib from Clover & Co (I love their printed lounge rib) to make some more as I saw another tester use lounge rib and it was to die for. It almost makes me want another baby. *Almost* haha.

  • Pattern Test of the Back to Front (BTF) Dress

    Pattern: Back to Front (BTF) Dress/Romper
    Designer: Tadah Patterns
    Fabrics: Cotton Poplin – I think from Spotlight, have had a LONG time
    Measurements: Chest: 46cm; Waist: 47cm; Height: 77cm
    Size made: 00 chest graded to 0 height
    Pros: Really simple construction, can be worn both ways.
    Cons: Size was a little tight on my models, may want to consider sizing up.

    The Wrap Up:

    This was my first time testing for Tadah. As a long time lover of there patterns, it really was quite an honour to get a chance to help owner Lauren to test this latest pattern.

    I put my hand up to test the 00 size as I was going to be using my friends little girl as my model. When I got her measurements she ended up fitting in the 00 size for chest but 0 for length, so I ended up grading to suit.

    Finished Garment ready for fit photos

    The version I tested was a little long in the short straps which I know was fixed in the final pattern, which is why its so important for designers to get a variety of models in the test phase, to iron out any of these little issues.

    I chose to use a cute floral woven I’ve had in my stash forever and it turned out so cute. I did the most simple version as I was running a bit short on time to get my fit photos in. I was able to use my friends little girl for fit photos, but on the day didn’t get to do any styled shots. As there weren’t any major changes to the final version, I was able to use my fit garment for the final photos but changed models to my neighbour as she was available the day I could take the pics. Lucky the are the same size 🙈.

    I love the versatility of this pattern being that it can be worn both ways and still look super stylish and cute. It also has quite an easy construction designed with beginners in mind, so definitely give this a go if you’re new to sewing and want something easy. Lauren also has a really helpful Facebook Group that you can join for extra help or advice if you get stuck.

    I have a few more of these planned now, I want to try the ruffles and I think they would make a great baby gift.

    This pattern is on sale to celebrate its release so jump on the link below and grab it while its discounted. Tag me in your make so I can see your cute version as well!