Pattern: Baby Poppy
Designer: Made for Mermaids
Fabrics: May Gibbs Accent fabric – Spotlight. Solid Cotton Lycra – Sew Unique
Measurements: Chest: 19″ Waist: 21″; Height: 31″
Size made: 9-12 months
Adjustments: None
Pros: As soon as I saw the tester call for this one I signed up immediately. I couldn’t resist the bubble romper option and adorable flutter sleeves.
Cons: I wasn’t a huge fan of the way the crotch snap section was done in the instructions, so I may change it to something I am more comfortable with in future garments I do.


The Wrap up:

The minute I saw this pattern I knew I had to test it. It just looked so dang cute! I love a bubble romper style and flutter sleeves get me every time. Throw in the button front and I was seriously swooning.

I am very lucky to live next door to a pretty cute little girl and her amazing mum and dad who let me sew and use this little cherub as my model. I love sewing for Ted, but I don’t think its any secret that girl clothes are cuter. Well, they are easier to dress up I think.

The baby Poppy also has plenty of other options included such as sleeveless, short & long sleeve, skirted and peplum. The button placket can either be faux or functional. Being a bubble romper style there is also plenty of room for either disposable or cloth nappies and the snap crotch makes it super easy to change when needed.

I did have a little trouble with the snap crotch as its not a style I am used to and I’ll be honest, I didn’t love it. I think in future I might change it slightly to something I am more comfortable but is just as functional. Though I probably need to give it another try the way it is listed in the instructions before I make any rash changes haha.

This pattern is definitely a winner for me and I have already ordered some gorgeous lounge rib from Clover & Co (I love their printed lounge rib) to make some more as I saw another tester use lounge rib and it was to die for. It almost makes me want another baby. *Almost* haha.