Pattern: Your Way Hoodie
Designer: Ellie & Mac
Fabrics: Wattle Hill Fabrics
Measurements: Chest:21.5″; Waist 20.5″; Hips 21″
Size made: 2T
Adjustments: None
Pros: This is a great jumper for heading into Winter. Colour blocking is always a win for me.
Cons: The neckline was a little small in testing, but it was fixed for the final file.


The Wrap Up:

Before I had a boy, I used to think that I wouldn’t be able to dress him up cute and fun like a girl, but I’m pleased to say, I was wrong.

True, it is a different kind of cute and fun, but, especially because I make Ted’s clothes, I have control over the fabrics. I have stocked up the last two years on super cute designs to deck out his wardrobe. The forest friends I used in this test is a personal fave of mine. I bought the same print in Soft Shell last year and I was wrapped when I saw that Wattle Hill Fabrics had it in a French Terry. I was very excited to pull this one out for the finals of this test along with their jogging sweater fleece in these really earthy colours to compliment it.

Pretty fabrics aside, this jumper was a super easy make and came together quite quickly. The fun ‘secret’ pocket at the front is a nice touch and perfect for any kid that likes to stash things away. Be it snacks, trucks, dirt… the options are endless! Haha, just don’t forget to check the pocket before you wash it!

I’m also a fan of the dropped shoulders look and hood coming into the colder weather. Very happy with this make indeed!